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My Job Industrie


While some sectors are currently saturated, the industrial sector is one of the few where companies struggle to fill positions, due to a lack of candidates.

INDUSTRIE logically puts training at the heart of the event with a plan of action focused on several fronts:



We undertake specific actions at schools and reach out to career guidance counselors and parents to promote jobs in manufacturing.


Our hope is to link jobseekers and anyone looking for internships or training with manufacturers. The platform allowing people to submit résumés and companies to consult them is improving! Besides submitting résumés, it is also possible to post job offers. INDUSTRIE is now solidly a creator of, and catalyst for, opportunities!


The career guidance counselor assists students in building the skills to navigate life. He or she also provides and coordinates the informing of students on self-knowledge, jobs, and training, in connection with the teaching staff.

At the exhibition:


Guided tours: Whether you are a teacher, parent, career guidance counselor, or high school student, INDUSTRIE invites you to discover the richness of this profession through a didactic guided tour introducing training institutions, manufacturers, and sector representatives.


You will be accompanied by an engineer, representing the exhibition's partner, Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France.

A dedicated space for training options will be set up this year to explain trades and opportunities in the industrial sector.      It is supplemented by practical demonstrations involving young people and the Compagnons de Devoir who present, as they do each year, an ambitious project showcasing the sector.