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An indispensable tool !

While the machine-tool or robots sellers deal in dozens and imply heavy investments, the tools or carbide inserts manufacturers deal in hundreds of thousands as they are consumables. These “accessories” are useless without the machining centre where they are assembled at first, but they still remain essential to the production of any mechanical part.



Most of the industrials that “ produce chips”, with tools with exchangeable inserts, have long forgotten that the real revolution of the machine-tool world happened thanks to the discovery of the tungsten carbide. This was a fundamental change that saved a lot of time as far as resharpening and tool exchanges were concerned, making this a technological breakthrough. Ever since that day, the inserts are a key-part of the daily routine of these mechanical factories that facilitated the production process.


Yet, these carbide inserts, that range from a few cents to tens of Euros, represent an equal budget to that of the initial investment. Thus, this important budget is a daily investment that also becomes an indicator of the industrial activity. Tools wear out if they are being used ! Obviously so, as a rise of the orders taken by the tool suppliers is a sign of a healthy economical climate, hence we “produce more chips !” The players of this industry feel all the ups and downs of its various sectors in real time.

Machine and Tool are indeed two parts of the same entity. Innovations in the tool industry are less spectacular, yet they come in high numbers just like the ones of the machine industry. Every new machining centre attracts attention with its performance, looks, and the different uses their production can have. Tools, on the other hand, appear less attractive but their performance is always on the rise, as it needs to keep up with the tempo of the machines. In essence, tools and machine manufacturers both share centre stage within the industry.

Nowadays, new products ranges are being brought out and cover many different areas :

-        Searching for new alloys allows for much stronger materials to be machined, which also causes harder wearing inserts to be built.

-        As far as aluminium machining is concerned, the polycrystalline diamond can be replaced by other alloys, for some automotive parts, which means substantial savings can be made, and the products are harder-wearing too.

-        The manufacturers are also looking to improve the tools lubrication. Many solutions already exist, depending on the materials being used. For dry machining, the tools need to be resistant to the extreme heat caused by the rubbing between part and tool. Still, these solutions are very good as far as protection of the environment and productivity are concerned.


There are so many ways to use a tool, hence the innovations possibilities are endless. The field of investigation is huge : being able to machine a part in many different ways in a single use, exchanging tools even faster and automatically, enhance the metal chips removal and hence allow a faster cutting capacity...

Exchange informations with professionals during the INDUSTRIE trade fair in Paris. This event, the leader of its kind, provides you with a complete offer in this sector, for a better use of your machine tools.

A last note : In today's world, how many young mechanical students are planning a career in the cutting tools industry ? They are very few, because most people are mislead as far as this field is concerned. Still, the job offer of the carbide industry is very attractive for both the technical and commercial jobs of this high-level technology industry !